Xealyus Martinez  
Lead Vocals

Xealyus is the lead vocalist for Dusty Cadillac
. She has a background in dance, studied music theory and voice in college and also writes music.  Music and performing is her passion.  For Xealyus experiencing music is as necessary to the soul as breathing is to the body.  "People had music when there wasn't any food or even a home.  It is powerful medicine and can conquer many of life's trials"  It is her greatest happiness to share her love of music so that others feel uninhibited and can join in the rapture of song.

Wayne Moore
Keys/Backup Vocals
Classic Rock/Blues keyboard player from the garage band days of the 60's and 70's and throughout the following decades, experiencing different musical genres.  After playing the same music for 30 years, the thrill was gone, time to move on, found the Blues, developed a deep 
appreciation and respect for Blues legends
B.B.King, Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and others. Early influences were the original Northwest sounds including, The Wailers, The Kinsmen, and Paul Revere and The Raiders. The heavy organ presence in bands such as The Animals, The Doors, The Young Rascals and Deep Purple were a driving force.
Wayne is a retired firefighter dedicated to his
passion, inviting the listener to jump into Dusty Cadillac's provocative and moving journey of good solid music, good fun and good memories.

Bill Cogar 
Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals

Bill has been playing guitar for half a century, starting out in local bars at the age of 13.  Primarily a self taught musician, he worked on his chops at multiple weekend gigs through high school and college.   His musical style reflects this solid upbringing on the blues roots based rock of the 60’s and early 70’s and southern rock.  Although music frequently had to take a back seat to a career with frequent moves over the last 30 years, Bill continued to perform whenever time and schedule allowed.  Musical highlights include seeing Jimi Hendrix live in 1970, opening for Bad Company, Foghat, Blackfoot at DELMARVA Bike week and sharing the stage with Dave Hlubek (Molly Hatchet).   Now semi-retired, Bill is returning to his blues roots with Dusty Cadillac.

Stro Moore 
Bass Guitar/Backup Vocals
Stro started his musical career in Los Angeles in the 80's as a keyboard player. After going into the Navy and playing in several Rock/Dance bands on board ships, he started playing with a group that evolved into a band called The In Crowd. The band was more of a Rock band and was more in need of a bass player than a keyboard player, so he converted over and there, a bass playing' Stro began.  Actually, he found that after all this time he had been a bass player all along, but just didn't know it. His different approach to the instrument shows in his style and interpretation of each and every piece played. So now, here he is with The Dusty Cadillac Blues Band, and although he is somewhat new to the Blues, he has jumped in feet first, and having a blast!


Nic Lee 
Sound/Light Engineer

Nic got his start in theater in High School, went on to get a degree in music and video business.  From College he worked for Lackey Sound and Light Company in Seattle as operations manager, handling local rentals and political events.  He also toured with many Country Bands running sound an lights for B.J. Thomas, Eddie Rabbitt, Juice Newton, and many more.  He took time off to raise his family and has recently gotten back into the music to work with local bands, to provide professional services for bars and special events.  

Tim Price 
Equipment Manager