About Us


Dusty Cadillac is a High Rollin' 5 piece band of Musicians/Entertainers who produce a hybrid blend of Blues n Rock.  With their diverse musical backgrounds, the band brings a unique infectious brew that is not your “every day” blend.  

Based out of Port Orchard, WA band members are;


Xealyus Martinez - Lead Vocals


Wayne Moore - keyboard/Backup Vocals

Bill Cogar - Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals


Stro Moore - Bass Guitar/Backup Vocals


Scott Hitch - Harmonica/Backup Vocals

Nars Martinez - Drums/Backup Vocals

Nic Lee - Sound and Light Engineer

Tim Price - Band Roadie

Dusty Cadillac is a band for every occasion, including corporate events, private parties, fairs, festivals, concerts, night clubs, casinos, weddings, fundraisers, or any other occasion for your listening and dancing pleasure. Let us share our enthusiasm with you thru our music, and take a “ride” with us in the “Dusty Cadillac”.